Do vets recommend NexGard

Vets generally recommend NexGard as a safe and effective flea and tick treatment option for dogs. NexGard is an FDA-approved formula that has been tested to ensure its safety and effectiveness. The medicine is administered by mouth, allowing it to quickly absorb into the bloodstream and provide reliable protection against both fleas and ticks. It’s also relatively affordable, making it a popular choice with pet owners who are looking for affordable flea and tick solutions. Studies have shown that NexGard is up to 100% effective at eliminating existing flea infestations within 24 hours, as well as providing long-lasting prevention of new infestations. Vets may also recommend other topical medications or collars depending on your pet’s risk of contracting parasites, so be sure to consult with your vet about what type of treatment would best suit your pet’s individual needs.

Fast-acting protection: kills adult fleas within 8 hours of administration

Yes, vets do recommend NexGard because it provides fast-acting protection – killing adult fleas within 8 hours of administration. This is much faster than other methods available on the market and it works for up to 30 days, depending on your pet’s weight and size. Also, the product is easy to administer – it can be given with or without food at home – making it even more convenient.

Furthermore, vets also recommend NexGard because studies have shown that it demonstrates 100% effective flea control as early as 2 hours after administration! With such a quick action time and long lasting protection, this product is an ideal choice for frustrated pet owners seeking relief from fleas and ticks.

Easy to administer: simple oral tablet

NexGard is a simple oral tablet that makes protecting your pet from fleas and ticks easy. Vets recommend NexGard for its convenience and effectiveness, because it kills fleas and ticks fast. It is an easy-to-administer solution for pet owners – all you have to do is hold the tablet between your index finger and thumb, place it at the back of your pet’s mouth behind the seresto collars back teeth, and push down gently to release the tablet.

Not only is NexGard easy to administer, but it also starts working within 24 hours of being administered. Unlike topical products, there are no messes or odors associated with NexGard. The beef flavored soft chew makes it palatable for pets so they won’t resist taking their medication. So if you’re looking for a simple solution that keeps fleas and ticks off your furry friend without any hassle – consider speaking with your vet about NexGard today!

Long-lasting protection: up to 30 days between doses

Yes, vets definitely recommend NexGard, because of its long-lasting protection. With just one dose every month, it provides more than enough protection against fleas and ticks for your pets.

NexGard utilizes an ingredient called afoxolaner which targets flea and tick receptors in the nervous system without causing any harm to the pet. This ingredient can provide up to 30 days of lasting protection against these parasites. As a result, you only have to give your pet one dose a month—which is incredibly convenient! Not only do you no longer need to worry about constantly administrating multiple medications, but you also have peace of mind knowing that your pup’s pest problem is taken care of effectively for a full month at a time.


NexGard is a safe and effective product that is recommended by many vets for the protection of cats and dogs against flea infestations. It provides fast acting protection that lasts for up to a month with each dose, making it an ideal choice for pet owners who want quick results when it comes to fighting parasites.

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